The Cape (show title “Kozmo”) ~ Steve (sausage vendor) ~ NBC
Law & Order: CI (show title “Stray”) ~ Lenny (hotel manager) ~ NBC
Law & Order (show title “Patsy”) ~ Lester (rat exterminator) ~ NBC
The Intern (part of “The Pavement” series) ~ Mr. Shiendler (the boss) ~ ShowTime Network
Norm ~ Cylde (cab-driver) ~ ABC
Sex in the Nineties ~ Brandon (sexual obsessive) ~ HBO
Make It Real -Video Justice ~ Marilyn Manson look-a-like ~ MTV
Screwed (Pilot)~ Slammin Sammy ~ Jeff Bear Prods.


The Good Neighbor ~ Vietnam Vet
Anamorph ~ Sgt. Balini ~ Anamorph Prods
I Remember You Now… ~ Merrit (selection of The Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival, 06) ~ Darinka, LLC
Late Watch ~ McFeely (best film Annapolis FF) ~ Fluid-Eye Prods.
Gigantic:A Tale of Two Johns (The Story of They Might Be Giants) ~ Himself ~ Bonfire Films
Rockets Red Glare ~ Himself ~ Luis Films
Poison ~ Cannon/convict (Grand Jury Prize-Sundance 91,Best Feature Film-Berlin) dir. by Todd Haynes, Apparatus Prods.
Desperately Seeking Susan ~ Robbie the band van driver ~ Orion Films
Biohazardous ~ Hank Forman ~ Moo Dude Prods.
Final Rinse ~ Detective Pat O’Brian ~ Polyvinyl Films
Besotted ~ Harris ~ Surf’n’Turf Films
Tourist Season! ~ Rick ~ Jason Brandenberg Prods.
A Slice of Life ~ Melvin the Dreamer ~ Billy Kent Prods.
Woman at the Wheel (Manhattan Love Suicides Series) ~ Hugh the Rich Man ~ dir. by R.Kern, Deathtrip Films

Film ADR & Voice-Over

Poison ~ voice of Dr. Tom Graves ~ dir. by Todd Haynes, Apparatus Prods.
No Picnic ~ irate bar patron ~ Great Jones Film Group
Bail Jumper ~ irate phone voice ~ Big Buildings Prods.
Erie ~ jet pilot from cockpit ~ Great Jones Film Group